Another CPS Magnet Mess-Up?

Things may have gone awry --again -- with the magnet school notification system, according to a parent who kindly wrote in to describe the problem:

"On the CPS website, it says that letters will go out the week of March

3-7. Parents are supposed to be making decisions by March 28 and some

schools aren't even sending letters out until after spring break.

There has been nothing on the CPS website about this and most of the

information has been through rumors and phone calls to the schools.

I've been told that there was such an unusual number of applicants that

they are backlogged, but they received our applications in December.

So, it seems like they could have anticipated this. I contacted Oscar

Mayer and they are not even sending letters out for at least a month

because they have no idea how many classrooms they'll be adding. How, as a parent, are we supposed to make informed decisions when CPS can't follow

through on their own deadlines?"

Is this a widespread problem? Has anyone gotten letters from any of the schools? has this ever happened before? Fill us in.

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