Annual Principal Disputes Show Need For LSC Transparency

Last year, it was Ravenswood. The year before that it was Curie High School. This time, it's De Diego.

Once again, there are disputes over what caused a LSC not to renew its sitting principal -- but no real hard evidence on either side.

Things have heated up in the comments section over whether Principal Alice Vera was let go for good reasons or none at all (here and (here).

Once again think it's time to urge for a more transparent LSC decisionmaking process that would build trust and confidence in the process.

(Ditto for Ren10,by the way.)

Change the LSC law to allow (or even require) LSCs to publish an account of their principal contract decisions. Require an LSC to indicate their consideration of a principal dismissal (or whatever you want to call it) ahead of time so that it's not a mystery or a surprise. Make public an LSC's annual performance review leading up to a contract decision. Require candidates and contract principals to disclose financial and familial connectiosn.

Without some or all of these things, it's hard to rally around the LSC flag.

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