America's Best School Model Doesn't Work In Chicago

Interested in new school creation, national models, and scaleability?  I thought you might be.  Then check out Jay Mathews' column about KIPP (America's Best Schools?) in the Washington Post and the national study that's mentioned inside (via ASCD).  In it, KIPP apparently comes clean about its many successes and its occasionally failures.

Failures are where Chicago comes in.  Out of 45 schools nationally, Chicago's Youth  Village Academy is just one of just two KIPP schools that have had been closed .  (A new KIPP may open this fall -- but not in Chicago.  Gary, Indiana is the proposed site, I'm told.) 

My initial take was that YVA failed because it didn't get a charter (Ren-10 Rumblings: When Nothing But Real Charter Status Will Do).  Since then, I've heard other explanations. Maybe the KIPP national report will shed some light on what happened -- and prevent it from happening again.

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