All Things Nettlehorst

East Lake View school's straight parents line up with gays Sun Times commentary

Many families choose Nettelhorst for its reputation for inclusiveness, along with its strong academic record.

Even so, a gay teacher and a few students with same-sex parents were bullied this year.

Nettelhorst Elementary pays tribute to diversity Windy City Times

"Here, the rainbow colors of gay
pride are a visible sign of our respect for the neighborhood of which
we are a part, and the diversity of families that we serve."

How To Walk To School (forthcoming book)

How to Walk to School
is the story--from the highs to the lows--of motivated neighborhood
parents galvanizing and then organizing an entire community to take a
leap of faith, transforming a challenged urban school into one of
Chicago's best, virtually overnight.

Nettlehorst still as good as it used to be considered, or has all that
changed?  Is it still considered an example of positive improvement
(not just gentrification and creaming)?  Are there any other schools
that have followed the Nettlehorst model? 

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