AIO Hearts Chicago New Teacher Center

As you can see from the following letter to the Tribune that was printed last week, rookie Area 14 AIO Jose Torres really likes what he's getting by way of teacher mentoring and induction from the Chicago New Teacher Center, with whom I have done some work. 

"This school year, I have seen the
difference that high-quality, high-intensity, beginning-teacher support
has made," writes Torres in the letter
(Quality teachers).  "Our revolving door vacancies have been filled with teachers
who are staying and who, with their coaches from Chicago New Teacher
Center, are attending to another critical outcome: raising student
achievement. I also see passion, determination and hope as these
teachers energize students and the other adults around them."

Now that Torres seems convinced, it's principals and teachers -- and the Board -- that have to figure out how to expand new teacher induction programs and coordinate them with the current structure of coaches and LLTs working in the content areas. At the same time, maybe more AMPS schools could get curious, given that they can now choose their own induction programs (but generally don't).

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