Afternoon Roundup

Teacher pension firm cuts off firm with Cellini ties Tribune

The state

teacher's pension system will no longer do business with an investment

firm tied to recently indicted political powerbroker William Cellini.

Today's decision by the board of the...

'We need to listen to our children's needs' Sun Times

Three children under the

age of 12 have died by suicide since Feb. 3, the Illinois Department of

Children and Family Services said Thursday. There were seven suicide

deaths of children in Illinois between 2002 and 2006, the most recent

period for which data is available.

Soto bill out of committee PURE

Next step - we need to get it passed in the House! More later.

Big Year for Youth Sports in Chicago Community Beat


onto your hat if you're a believer in engaging youth in sports as a

community-building activity. This spring and summer we'll see the

biggest, most organized youth sports effort in recent years, or maybe


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