ACT Results: Contrasting News Coverage

It's always fun to see how different papers cover the same story, and yesterday's ACT scores are a good example.  The Sun Times went with the Chicago-focused news:  ACT scores up, still low ("ACT scores for Illinois' 2007 graduates matched last year's high, and
are up a full point in Chicago over five years ago, but the vast
majority of Illinois graduates still are not prepared for college,
according to data released Tuesday.").  The Tribune went for a more statewide- and rose-colored take on things: State sees perfect ACT scores double ("Illinois high school graduates of 2007 scored the same as last year's
class on the ACT, with an average score of 20.5. But the number of
students who received a perfect score of 36 on the college-admission
and placement exam more than doubled, according to test data released
Tuesday.").  Only much later does the Tribune story get to the CPS scores.   

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