A Shiny City -- With Too Much Violence

"Seventeen-year-old Jonathan Pinkerton lies in a hospital bed, paralyzed

by a bullet fired by the Chicago police. Jonathan was planning to tour

colleges this summer, between his junior and senior years at Corliss

High School. On June 11 graduation and the prom were over and he was

passing a warm summer evening with his friends at Altgeld Gardens

housing project. On that evening, police chased Jonathan, shot him in

the back. Then, while he was lying on the ground wounded, one cop knelt

on his back while, according to witnesses, another cop kicked him in

the head. Jonathon Pinkerton had no police record."

(Chicago Cops Shoot 12, Kill 6 in 4 Weeks Bay Area Indymedia)

Let's be honest. To anyone outside the school system, the big "schools" issue in Chicago these days is violence, not education. Part of that is because the media decided to follow City Hall and the Board in associating youth violence with school violence. But the other part of it is that it seems like there's a lot of violence in Chicago -- gangs, crime, police brutality, you name it. Downtown may be shiny but the violence hasn't gone away.

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