A Secret Plan To Go Back to 6 Regions? I'm For It.

A bunch of this site's readers seem to think that there's a second reorg plan in the works, one that hasn't been publicized, called the Kearney Plan, which includes going back from 24 areas to six regions and is being used to try and lure some much-needed out of town talent to come help with the leadership piece. 

Much as I loathe all this moving of deck chairs around, I've never been particularly convinced that the 24 areas ever really worked -- and there's so much disruption already so why not?  It's not that principals can't be effective AIOs, but rather that AIOs were never given very much support or direction, and being an effective principal is very different from being an effective AIO.

Under the current plan, it seems to me that AIOs have turned out in most cases to be nothing more than SuperSized principals, not the mini-superintendents that I think they probably need to be.  So maybe -- maybe -- dusting off the old regions (with some improvements -- suggestions?) is the way to go.  Whaddya think?

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