A Replication Success Story? 11th Cristo Rey School Opening In DC

Creating more Crist Rey schools hasn't been easy.  I've written about the struggles to create a new one in the Bronx (The School That Works). But now the newest Cristo Rey school is opening up in Tacoma Park just outside Washington, DC (
'Work-Study' School Set for 2007
) -- part of what is now a network of private low-tuition schools that began with the original in Pilsen and now includes 10 others around the country.

Is that enough?  A piece I wrote in The Gadfly points out that Cristo Rey schools are the only private model getting funding from a major education foundation (aka Gates).  Public versions of them -- something like the new school being started by Providence St.Mel  -- have been discussed in the past (Ren10, Round 2: The Sweet Sixteen). I guess I should just be happy that they're replicating with apparent success. But in my ever-impatient heart of hearts, I'm still not satisfied. 

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