A New LSC, A New Principal, And New Hope For Moses Vines?

Speaking of LSCs....According to the folks at PURE, Mayor Daley is going to get an earful during his stint at Moses Vines (Orr) tomorrow during the CPS Principal For A Day program.  Click below to get the full scoop.

"Concerned parents and community members of Mose Vines Community
Academy plan to welcome Mayor Daley as Principal-for-a-Day (a role he
has carried out for many years) and to ask for his help in resolving
some of the serious problems that confront the school. Written reports
by Mose Vines students echo the concerns of the parents and community
that the school is violent, security is ineffective, and school
leadership by a long-time interim principal has failed to improve the
school. Last April, the Mose Vines school community voted to have a
regularly elected LSC which could select a new principal. That vote,
and a formal petition to CEO Arne Duncan, have been ignored.The parents
and community hope that Mayor Daleys long-standing interest in Orr
High School will result in an elected LSC, a new principal, and new
hope for Mose Vines, one of the small schools created

in Orr in 2004."

Contact: Rev. Charles Walker, 773/265-6672
Mose Vines LSC Co-chair and community representative

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