A Million Little Books By TFAers

Ye gods, how many more books by Teach For America members do we need (or can we stand)?  It's enough that they clog the Internets with their countless blogs and mingle together in righteous little anti-coolster cliques at bad parties.  Do they have to take over our bookshelves as well?  Is someone even keeping track? Have any of the books gotten on Oprah's list yet?

OK, OK, the bitterness and jealousy are clearly showing through
here.  And the real reason for this post is to take note of the fact
that, over at The Education Sector, Chicago's own Mike Lach
(the rare TFA alum I somehow manage to like enough to get over my envy)
reviews the latest (?) TFA memoir of the hood:  Taught By America: A Story
of Struggle and Hope In Compton
by Sarah Sentilles.

uses big words like harrowing and penury and depredation (but not
"perparation"), and conveys the universal TFA sentiment ("Every TFA
corps member I know has a difficult time communicating the realities of
urban teaching to those who haven't done it."), but it's a good review
and you shouldn't let my shallow cynicism get in the way of checking
out the review (link above) or Lach's excellent blog, www.teachandlearn.org.

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