A Job For Jesse

OK, readers -- here's your chance to show your stuff.  Jesse, a relatively new teacher, is looking for a job that's a good fit: 

"I am seeking a position in either English or Special Ed at a progressive school that provides real autonomy for its teachers as well as opportunities for collaboration and a say in how the school is run. I would also like a school easily accessible by transit and technologically savvy, and if possible has innovative programs regarding assessment.  I have one year of teaching English at Harper High School.  I have completed my coursework for the LBS-1 special education approval and my am awaiting the actual certificate.  I am a warm, critical, and reflective teacher with excellent leadership and cooperative skills." 

Well, what do you think? Asking for too much, or a reasonable thing to shoot for?  What do you suggest?  Are there any/many places in CPS that fit this description -- whether or not they have openings? As always, any and all constructive comments much appreciated. 

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