A Charter Victory -- Sort Of

As you can see from Juan Rangel's email below, there's joy in charter-land that the bill that would have banned charter clones didn't pass the House, but I'm not sure that defeating that legislation is the same as winning on the charter front. 

As it stands, there's no room for new operators and ideas on the charter front.  Not every clone-able charter wants to replicate.  Not every  charter-curious educator wants to start a clone. Meanwhile, the charter cap in New York City was lifted by the state legislature there.   

        House Bill HR 466 Has been Defeated

        Message from Juan Rangel, President of the Board UCSN






House Bill HR 466 was defeated this week
thanks to
the efforts of a number of individuals and
organizations involved in the issue. The Bill had been
designed to block the
opening of additional charter public schools in low
income neighborhoods, by existing Charter School
Operators, like the UNO Charter School Network that
are opening up schools in severely over crowded
Hispanic Communities.  Thank you for your continued
support and
diligence in this issue. We shall all continue to provide
educational options to the parents of students in the
City of Chicago.


        The enclosed links were published in the Chicago
Suntimes and the Chicago Tribune. We hope you take
the time to read it, quality public education in Chicago
is an important and timely issue that has ramifications
in all of our lives. We welcome any commentary,
critique or kudos.



Juan Rangel









        Let charter schools open more campuses

        March 28, 2007












     Parents and taxpayers who are concerned about the
quality of Chicago public education should ask state
lawmakers to oppose House Bill 466. Currently in the
Illinois House, the bill would block the opening [by an
existing charter school] of additional charter public
campuses in Chicago's low-income neighborhoods,
disrupting the lives of more than 1,000 students who
plan to attend these schools. HB 466 denies families
a choice.

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        What do parents and kids know?

        Published March 28, 2007











    chciago tribune

     No one makes a better argument for why charter
schools should exist than the very person who leads
the state in opposing them. State Rep. Monique Davis
(D-Chicago), vice-chairperson of the House
Elementary and Secondary Education Committee,
wants to limit charter school growth. She filed
legislation that would effectively halt Chicago's plans,
already in the works, to open 10 new charter schools
in the next two years.

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