A "C" For Mayor Daley On Schools

Chicago blog The Beachwood Reporter recently gave the Mayor a "C" on school reform (Grading Daley: Part Two), based on findings from the Developing Government Accountability for the People report (which I'd never heard of).  Check out some juicy quotes, and a link to the full report (which covers other areas of government as well).

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  • Isn't this supposed to be about Daley and his performance. There is not clearly articulated vision that is acceptable here. He is now using the Curie issue as a platform to further rest control of the schools and disempower the neighborhoods that desperately need that voice. LSCs need to be better managed and trained. That is something Daley should work on: ensuring that all eligible voters are informed and encouraged to participate, holding mandatory candidate forums, granting real authority to communities where schools struggle and die under the direction of CPS, that would help. Instead he is grandstanding and power grabbing. When is that meeting I'm going to give him hell.

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