80K Summer School Students -- Where's That Number From?

CPS Students Showcase Talents During National Summer Learning Day

WHO: Patrick Baccellieri, principal, South Loop Elementary, and Roslyn Armour, principal, Woods Academy

WHAT: Schools showcase their summer learning activities including music, dance, drama, art, science and language programs.

WHEN: Thursday July 13, 2006 10 a.m. noon

WHERE: South Loop Elementary School & Woods Academy

CPS joins communities nationwide in the third annual Summer Learning Day which celebrates the summer enrichment activities available at schools across the United States. Fourteen Chicago Public Schools will participate in the day-long event showcasing music, dance, drama, art, science and language programs. CPS summer programs reach 80,000 students in schools across Chicago.

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  • I originally had 32 students whose IEPs called for ESY. Most of them had ESY in previous years and would have benefited from it but the Board is getting more and more restrictive in summer school. This year, I had to exclude all 1s and 2s which eliminated most EMH students who can not have a severity above 2. The two that were left in, I had to fight for. I had an easier time with LD and EBD 3 and 4s. Only self-contained students were considered. Bridge was only open to the autistic children and two who had to be moved to 7th grade from 5th grade. It was felt 6th grade Bridge would make the transition easier. With the new forms that most of Chicago is insisting on, it will be even harder next year. Teachers would have had to test at the end of June and again when students go back to school in September. Then they have to document when students regain the skills lost. The same thing has to be done for the Winter and Spring breaks. Most teachers are not going to keep this detailed information and then the Case Manager is supposed to say no. In some areas, everything has to sent to the Instructional Specialist who has to review it and say yes or no. The Instructional Specialist reviewed my cases and we were left with about 15 eligible students. Some of these, I was told will be disqualified next year.

    The Board is definitely trying to save money at the expense of the students.

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