5th Year Of Gains For Philly Schools

Philly's schools made some gains on state tests for the fifth year in a row. Should Vallas get some credit?
Link: 5th year of gains for Phila. schools | Inquirer | 08/08/2007.

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  • Oh, Charlie can I play?

    To improve the schools in Chicago, I would implement the following policies:

    1. Immediate expulsion of any student that assaults or threatens a fellow student or teacher. Regardless of whether this takes place on or off campus. If they want to continue their educational pursuits, put them in an alternate school or use distance learning.

    2. Students will accumulate demerits for disrupting the education of their fellow students and after so many demerits, they will be removed to a separate classroom where they cannot disrupt anyone. Students with BDs should receive adequate supports such that they do not disrupt fellow students, but if the BD is unresponsive to the supports, then they do not have the right to disrupt others' educations.

    3. Implement a simple dress code, say white T-shirt and dark colored trousers for both genders (although dark skirts would be OK for those with religious issues with women wearing pants or other cultural dress i.e. burquas etc. required ). Gangbangers today seem to like the white T shirt anyway. Demerits would be accumulated for not wearing the uniform, but they could be removed by serving detention (unlike the disruptive demerits).

    4. Children who are more than a grade level behind in a subject deserve remedial education. I would separate them out and put them on an hour longer day and a month longer school year such that they have time to catch up to their peers. If test scores showed that they had caught up, they could rejoin their average peers the next year.

    5. Children who are excelling deserve to have enrichment opportunities either in an SE school, a magnet school or a program in their local school. Separate them out and give them the coaching, enrichment, and encouragement they need to continue to excell.

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