$30K For Handgun Control Brief? [UPDATED]

City Hall's reliance on CPS to participate in its gun control efforts seems to have moved from the rhetorical to the legal and financial.

From a reader: "The CPS law department was directed by the Office of the Mayor to

support its efforts in filing a major and very expensive brief in the

case involving Washington DC's hand gun ban.I have attached the brief. [here PDF]

I am told we paid half of the costs involved in filing this brief. Some

of us were amazed when we saw the brief that CPS would spend this kind

of money for something that was really outside of the educational area.I have not seen the bill for the brief, but expect it cost CPS and the

City jointly at least $30,000."

UPDATE: The intrigue deepens. As you can see from the comment section, CPS legal eagle Patrick Rocks says CPS didn't spend money on the brief, or contribute at City Hall's request.

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