$23 Million In Federal Parent Involvement Funds Mis-Allocated?

Complaints about the mis-allocation of Title I parent involvement funds have been around since Title I began 40 years ago, and perhaps as long in CPS.  This email sent to me by a reader suggests that the problem has only gotten bigger.  Are Title I funds being used for PI in your schools, do you know?  Lots of schools don't even have fully functioning PI Committees, last I looked.

It was brought to my attention that the


Title I - Low Income Funds for school


year 2006-2007 that was given in


the amount of $303, 184, 767.00


for District 299 to address the


supplemental academic needs


of children, had $23,000.000


twenty three million dollars that


was not used or released and was


stated to be ( FROZEN ) by the


date of 8. 31. 2007 date. 




You can check this information with


the Illinois State Board of


Education Grants department


to see if  this information is correct


or incorrect.




I am asking on behalf of many


parents and community


residents three (3) questions:




1. Isn't
that an


    amount to carry over and why


   were these funds frozen?




2. How much of those funds can


    be attributed to the 06-07


    1% of the Title I - Part A


subpart one Section 1118


Parental Involvement funds


3. (C ) ? not used or expended


for purposes intended in a timely


manner, in addition do these


frozen funds also cover the amount of


the funds that the Title I - Part A


NCLB schools did not get


to use from their School wide


SIPAAA Title I - Part A allocations


for STAFF 7990 (Legacy)


by the August cut-off date of August


31, 2007 because they were frozen


by Human Resource in March 2007


and not returned to the schools in


July 07 with the Parent Training Funds???




3. Parents would also like to receive


a copy of the report for the last


five (5) years indicating how


the State reviewed the District's


compliance with the terms under


Section 1118. Especially


with regard to Charter Schools


Parents being made aware of the


terms of Title I - Part A Section


1118 of the NCLB Act and their


options to use these funds to support
their reasonable and necessary expenses


when they attend school related


meetings and trainings.




These answers are very important.


as it is these dollars come into


District 299, Only because


of the information from the Census


( the homes of Title I Children


and community residents)


and the Working Poor


income of parents as


reflected on the school lunch


forms and the
formula children


index used to allocate these funds


to the qualifying Title I -


Part A schools of every


description as it would


apply. Charter Schools


Alternative Schools and


Private Schools.




I await a timely response


and your consideration of


these important matters that


can have a profound effect


on the Resources  that affect


]schools making AYP and


the students making grade


level academic progress in all


of the Title I - Part


A schools in this District

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