20th Anniversary Of PURE Tonight

Like 'em or loathe 'em, you have to give PURE some credit for being around for 20 years now. Few nonprofits make it that long. They're celebrating their 20th tonight:

A proud history - 10 years of ELSIE award winners

"From the Gale LSC's Dennis Weakly in 1997 up through Sandra Brigando from the Salazar LSC, these are stories of personal courage in the face of a misguided and often malevolent CPS bureaucracy." Some other awardees include the Stowe LSC (1998), Zapata LSC (1999), Finkl (2000), Boone, Lindblom, and Little Village (2001), Canter, Smith, and Truth (2002), Songhie (2003), Thorpe (2004), Sandra Brigando of from Sandoval (2005).

PURE Celebrates 20 Years

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