18 New "Cohort III" Schools Opening This Year

Ph2007083001678In addition to 117 new principals and hundreds if not thousands of new teachers, Chicago has 18 new schools opening this year, albeit many of them small Renaissance 2010 schools with a single grade.  Check out the list here (Chicago Public Schools), or download a four-page PDF describing the schools here (Cohort_III_Schools.pdf).

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  • They get a certain $ amount per student from CPS but not enough for that kind of staffing level. Many charters get private money from foundations, charities, civil groups etc. though I noticed that the Catalyst school is a contract school. The neighborhood schools compete because they are the default position and can take a whole lot more students. Catalyst specifies that they don't discriminate against students with special needs, so that level of staffing might play into that.

    I was interested to see that the Prologue Early College contract school has a dropout recovery program and is for students 16-21. This is a good development and I would like to see more alternative schools serving these kinds of students.

    I know you all like to bash Charters as being greedy, but have any of you checked out Polaris Charter Academy? I went to their website and read some of their staff profiles. Many are TFA alums, but most of them went back and got a Masters in Ed. It sounds like a neat school and was founded by teachers. They're still looking for a SpEd teacher, so it looks like they expect some students with disabilities.

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