Meet the Blonde

Passionate about the culinary arts, I like to romanticize it... like, how cooking can be sexy.  Food can be love.  Meals bring people together.  I like to explore passion and communication rooted within all things food. There is magic behind sharing a meal with those you love. Cooking and dining is a simple activity that truly bonds people together.  Sure it bonds family and friends, but what I really love is the romantic attraction, the seduction of dinner... okay that's cheesy but I think cooking and dinner dates are hot.

Dinner and The Blonde focuses on food and relationships.  The culinary arts can be applied to all things love.  Single, dating, married, whatever- I relate food and love!  My dating adventures, awkward moments, and chaos outside the kitchen always come full circle.

Cook, eat, learn, dinner, date, single, couples, sexy, fun, delicious... Live, love, food!  Plus random thoughts, duh.