Holiday Hospitality: Be Happy I’m Celebrating

Holidays can have us overindulge in group festivities and holiday cheer.  The Holiday morale among friends, family, coworkers and total strangers is in full swing.  Constant celebration is a fun type of chaos- but can we take this Holiday hype too far?  I say yes.  It can’t all be merry and bright.  That would be too easy.  I’m not a party planner (planner of anything actually).  Too many parties give me anxiety, and frankly I like to booze, look hot and judge other people.  In order to keep my own spirits on track here are five Dinner and The Blonde thoughts and ideas about celebrating this season.

1. Dress Code

We can have fun and stay in theme without looking like slutty elves or a part of the Geek Squad.  Just because it’s an ugly sweater party doesn't mean everyone has to dress grotesque.

Stand out in stellar, timeless looks.  V-neck holiday sweaters are slimming and an easy way to fit right in that ugly sweater party.  Something I sported for an ugly sweater party was a neon pink cardigan with miniature ornaments attached on the front of each button.  Super cute-ugly sweater turned sweet, fun and girly.

Anything in the local drug store can be transformed into seasonal sexy with simple accessories. Fasten silk poinsettias with a pin on your shirt or in your hair.  Door decorations like bows and garland double as festive jewelry and neckpieces.  Because, let's get real- not everyone can plan ahead to make or shop for a specific outfit.  Some of us get creative on our way to the shindigs because we are that cool.  Not because we totally forgot, it was a theme party...

2.   Gift Giving

I don’t understand the amount of my friends in their 30’s that show up to a party empty handed.  Well, I can understand it sometimes.  But a holiday party?   No excuses.  In the past I've created my own spice mixes, infused olive oils and vinegar as hot host gifts.  This year I've bought ornate decanters and filled them with cherry vodka and a vanilla beans (split in half lengthwise) to infuse alcohol.  This is the only thing I've planned ahead, to be somewhat "responsible and adult".  The plus side of this is mostly it’s creative and looks pretty.  People always appreciate gifts you put thought into, and of course, they can consume.

If you procrastinate the disguise your poor planning into a good deed.  For instance, donate to a charity or organization for your secret Santa gift.  Go online then print out in your guest’s name, on their behalf.  Yes!  About time people realize what a do-gooder you are!

3.  Tunes

Whether you’re hosting or hanging out at home with your cat, I recommend Holiday editions of Edith Piaf, The Carpenters, and Mariah Carey.  All Bombshell-worthy tunes.  Music and booze make a party, make sure you have plenty of both.  For Pete’s sake! And by all means, if the host has poor taste in music, you have the right to take over as DJ.  If you play it, they will dance.

4.  Food

Don’t break the bank if you are hosting a "get together" for decorating the tree, lighting the menorah, or whatever your excuse is to throw a party.  Ask a few close friends to help by bringing a dish to pass.  Combine homemade and store bought edibles.  You don’t want to miss out on the limbo contest or white elephant because you are in the kitchen.  Unless, everyone moves the party to the kitchen,  which does happen.

Bring initial snacks to the table before guests arrive, then another round for late night munchies (if you want to be an awesome host).  Remember:  fun people like to eat, drink, and stay late... then eat, drink and eat some more.  Be prepared!

AND please note:  As a guest, NEVER, ever set up or bring something NOT PREPARED ahead of time.  It’s rude.  If it’s not ready, don’t bring it.  Sure, there are acceptations but for the average guest, stay out of the cook’s kitchen when they are cooking!  Nothing is more aggravating than too many cooks in the kitchen!

5.  Movie Night

Hell, who cares if they are Holiday related?!  At this point in the game, anything goes.    Watch old black and white movies, love stories, or any good ol’ classic.  The point is to chill out.  Have fun, relax.

Something about a blanket, cozied up by a fire at midnight has sentimental value. Share a timeless quote, a laugh and even tear or two...  It brings people together. Anyway, that’s what the season is all about, right?  Being together.

Maybe everything can be merry and bright.


Final Thoughts

This season, whether I’m at your house or you are at mine, as long as you are dressed cute, bring a present, have enough food, alcohol and entertainment and, well, people will have fun.  And by people, I mean me.  However, I know we can all relate.

The holidays are fun but can be stressful.  All we really need is a “me” attitude mixed with a little “you” sentiment.   Most importantly remember the food and booze side of things, and don’t forget to laugh.  A lot.  Everything will run its course exactly how it’s supposed to.  Then before you know it, it will all be over, and all too soon.

Oh! The life we live. (Sigh)

Have a Safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Yours Truly,


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