Thanksgiving and the Blonde: The Gift of a Kitchen Bombshell

Thanksgiving.  Giving thanks.  Thanks and soul searching.  Yes, soul searching and thanks go hand in hand.  We are supposed to think about others during the holiday season but if you are like me, you think about others then quickly back to yourself (said while flipping hair back).  And that is okay because I started to think about what amazing gift I could bring to the table.  Cooking dinner is a "duh".  Naturally, the next best thing I thought about sharing was my great motivational advice and deep, wise thoughts.  People love and can always use a thought provoking perspective on life, love and cooking!  Man, I'm good.  So, I would like to present this Thanksgiving, some philosophy of Dinner and the Blonde: Kitchen Bombshell.  My humble gift to you.

Dinner and the Blonde?  What does that even mean?  I’ve been asked, supported, praised, teased and shunned because of a little something I like to call, Dinner and the Blonde.  Once a dream inspired by true love, it’s become my happy-go-lucky mantra.  Promoting a “real life” theme started as a joke but inertly I started to self market it.  Soon it became somewhat of a trademark among friends.  The name became more of a metaphor, really, if not a depiction of the daily reality of my over dramatized career and love life.  My personal beliefs are embodied in a catchy nickname that I wear like a badge of honor.  Dinner and the Blonde.  It makes perfect sense to those who know me personally and enhance my enticing stories.  For those who do not, I welcome you to my world because I think we can appreciate and learn from each other.

Like, anyone can turn into a babe seducing a man/woman, condoning romance in the kitchen.  Dinner and the Blonde believers are people who benefit from love in the kitchen.  Despite the repercussions of sounding cocky or sexually aggressive, I like to think of myself as a Bombshell in the kitchen because it gets me inspired.  It empowered me.  I mean, if someone loves to cook (or wants to learn) and also loves sex, why the fuck not do both?!  Look sexy and feed your soul (and those you adore).

Thinking like a Bombshell in the kitchen doesn’t come easy.  For me, I definitely found confidence when I moved to Chicago as a single woman in a thriving city.  I also found my cooking career doubled as a worthwhile pickup line.  Wow!  Who knew?!

I guess there is something appealing about picturing an attractive woman wearing a cute (sexy) lace apron, half (completely) naked underneath and cooking a beautiful meal, satisfying the hunger of a man.  Weird.  I know.  All I have to say is, “I teach cooking classes” or “I cook”.  It doesn't sound cheesy and it’s the truth.  Low and behold, most men are instantly attracted, if not wrapped around my finger.  Now, as I near thirty years old (and experienced true love but still single), I’ve discovered my culinary career is more successful seducing men than it is paying the bills.  So, I decided it was time to just own it- take it and run.  Dinner and The Blonde is about inspiring people to cook for those they love, look hot doing it and become more intimate with your partner.

Okay, okay. Still, what is my point with the whole Dinner and The Blonde thing?  Is it a blog, a belief or a business?  The answer is, well, it's Thanksgiving time and the answer is that it’s everything and more.  Mostly I wanted to share my thoughts and give some thanks to those who have inspired me to cook.  For those who showed me the true meaning of love... and of course for those who boast my ego and support my Bombshell lifestyle.

Food and love; My conquest continues.  In the meantime, I keep cookin'.  This holiday let's share our passion with others, discover the inner bombshell in ourselves and lovers, and for goodness sake-bring some romance to the kitchen!

Dinner Do:  To get revved up for a bombshell holiday and everyday, below are links to culinary cuteness (sexy).   I fully support women using their womanly ways to get what they want.  Men-  get creative, get inspired, or get supportive.  We all want to look good- this includes what we wear in the kitchen.  'Tis the season to give thanks (and presents).  Get in the mood with fun aprons for yourself or whoever.

  1. Flirty Aprons
  2. Aprons on Etsy
  3. Aprons from Incredible Gifts- stupid sexy

P.S.  Everyone loves presents.  Especially me.


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