If Food Is Love Then Grilling Is Sex

The grill.  A symbol of summer.  What else is symbolic of summer?  A good old fashioned summer fling.  So, what do grilling and summer flings have in common?  Sex.  I relate both to sex.
Summer is NOT over.  I’ll just cut to the chase:  Grilling is a turn on.  I am not talking about kink or charcoal fetishes; it is the simple fact that grilling is a sexy pastime with friends, family and lovers alike, as long as they have the coals burning and the tongs working the flame.  I’ve experienced single summers and summers of commitment.  Either way, I know when I see a man (this goes for women, too) grilling, I automatically like them more.
Even though it’s already August, there is still time to pull out your sexiest grill moves and make the hotness of summer last a little bit longer.  Maybe, even get a little action.  (Wink, Wink)

The seductive breakdown of why grilling is a turn on

1.  Direct Heat is Hot  
When it’s hot you wear less clothes, show more skin.  Grill, sweat, naked bodies... they go together. Sexy.
2.  Grill Master
Grilling is a one man/woman show.  Take control.  Dominate it.  Sexy.
3.  Meat
Enough said.  Sexy.
4.  Make Your Mark
Grill marks, bite marks, and scratch marks... whatever mark, just make it.   Sexy.
5.  Tools and Toys
Grill tools, sex toys.  Grilling and sex both have gadgets.  Which sometimes look like they could be interchangeable.  Sexy.
6.  Drink in hand
Grill with drink in hand.  It’s more fun, obviously.  Also, a nice buzz loosens people up.  Loose people lead people into the bedroom.  Definitely bring the booze for an instant mood enhancer, duh.  Sexy.
7. Dry Rub, Wet Rub, Rub Rub.
Grill rubs are popular ways to add flavor to food on the grill.  Make your own rub.  Get creative.  Then massage that seasoning into the meat- the muscle.  Rub it down, tenderize it.   Make it feel, or taste, rather, so good.  Massages are always good.  Why not give your lover a rub down with your grill rub?  Flame broiled flavored lube, anyone?   Sexy.
8.  Size Doesn't Matter
Just like sex, the bells and whistles on your electric, stainless Viking cooking vessel or just a plain old kettle over a campfire, it doesn't matter what it is; it’s how you use it that counts.  Sexy.

There you have it.  How could it not be a turn on?  Maybe people will start to look at their trusty old Weber in a whole new light- since grilling, is like, basically sex.  At least, as far as I'm concerned.

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