Lemons, Alcohol, and A Holiday


I am a little tart by nature and when life hands me a lot of lemons at once, I turn pretty sour.  I will say, I have done some cool things with all the excess citrus life has so generously gifted me.  Thanks, Life.  I owe you.

Since it is a holiday week, let’s focus on lemons and alcohol.  If life has handed you lemons recently, take advantage of the Fourth of July to be a lush.  Making Limóncello is fun to make, is an awesome host gift, and great summer elixir.  People love receiving it for bachelorette parties or house parties.  I feel bad ass giving it, too.  Anything homemade is always cooler.

I suggest using lemons and make some Limóncello.  Then have a drink or 5...

I have a cool few twist on Limoncello like adding mint or other fruits.  I also use a combination of vodka and Everclear. How do you make when life hands you lemons?  Please share and have a safe and happy holiday!





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  • Then have a drink or 5...

    I like your style!

  • In reply to bullswin60606:

    We have to stay hydrated, right?!

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