Blonde Inspiration: I Read Cookbooks For Fun, Duh

We all need inspiration to start something.  To get motivated, right?  To begin cooking, well, sometimes our need to eat doesn’t suffice for a homemade meal.  We need something more; a drive to preheat the oven and mess with mixing bowls.  Cooking inspiration comes from so many passions in life, I could write an entire book about it.  Oh! This brings me to my point...  I know not everyone gets as passionate as I do about cooking.  So, I want to share where I find great inspiration to cook like a bad ass.  The cookbooks and thoughts that deepen my insight about food and love.   (Ps- bad ass or kitchen bombshell, either work).

I’ll acknowledge that I have never followed a recipe in my life.  Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop me from referring to my cookbook collection.  Who says you have to read to cook?!

Luckily, I do know how to read and ever since a kid I engulfed myself in cookbooks (I engulfed myself in the Twilight books saga but that was the only time I ever loved a book as much as I do my cooking library... that was a weird obsession/phase... and another blog entry).  Anyway, I take a cookbook and read it like a novel.  To this day, I love sitting down and going through cookbooks, re-reading them over and over, just for fun.  Passion and creative expression are why I love food and respect the art of culinary.  Plus, cooking is a turn on.

There are two things make a sexy cook a good cook, and vice versa.  Knowing culinary fundamentals and cooking from the heart.  Out of the 52 cookbooks I own, I have five favorites that combine these two principals.  They are inspirational roots for Dinner and The Blonde.  Whether to bone up my culinary facts, get myself in a seductive food mood, or gather ideas for a special menu, these are my favorite.

They are:

  1. Food Lover’s Companion  Sharon Tyler Herbst
  2. Sunday Suppers At Lucques by Suzanne Goin
  3. Professional Cooking  by Wayne Gisslen
  4. Hostess with the Mostess by Caroline Barty
  5. I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence by Amy Sedaris

I mean, some have awesome pictures with fun captions, and others are like, text book-y and stuff... yeah!  I am blonde on my head and in my heart so I just roll with it. I actually know my stuff when it comes to food.  At least that’s what my mom says.  Xoxo

Isn’t cooking fun when you are inspired?!

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