Apricot Soy Glazed Wings

Apricot Soy Glazed Wings Recipe

Sweet, salty, delicious 

Do you have a drawer stocked with random little packets of soy sauce?  You know, how they always give you too many packets when you order Chinese takeout- you don’t want to throw them away in case they don’t give you enough next time.

Or, what about the side drawer of your fridge?  That half-empty bottle of jam or jelly you have nestled behind the pickled okra in the far right corner?  How’s that treating you?  Might as well finish it off, since it has been knocked over the past six times you’ve gone in there.

Whether or not you ordered take out or need to clean out your refrigerator, use this recipe as inspiration to cook this week!  If you do not want to associate yourself with someone who hoards soy sauce, still try this recipe.  It has delicious culinary appeal in other ways, too!

Apricot Soy Glazed Wings are perfect for summer entertaining and picnicking.  Serving wings is also a very approachable way to invite someone “special” over to, you know, watch baseball, some sports game, or whatever...  Bumping up the taste and sophistication on wings is a win/win for anyone.  Kids on a budget, person cleaning out your refrigerator/pantry, or the home cook who wants to eat something delicious.

Apricot Soy Glazed Wings

Serves 2-4 people appetizers 

10-15 each Chicken Drummettes (wings)

½ cup Apricot Jam (or any stone fruit jam peach, plumb, cherry, mango, etc.)

4 individual packets, Soy Sauce

1 tablespoon Olive Oil

2 teaspoon Ginger,  dry or fresh (or 5 Spice- Asian Seasoning)

1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon Garlic Clove, minced.  (Depends on how much you like garlic)

Salt and Pepper, to taste

Optional garnish:  Blackberries and/or apricot wedges


Salt and Pepper chicken and put in large (gallon size) plastic bag.  Mix all remaining ingredients in dish to form a pasty marinade.   Pour marinade over chicken, reserve ¼ cup and set aside.  If marinade is too thick, add a little water, so that all of chicken is covered.  Shake bag to assure all pieces are evenly coated.  Marinade drumettes in the plastic bag overnight (8-24 hours).


Separate chicken from marinade and place chicken on an oiled baking sheet.  Discard marinade from bag.

Bake at 450 degrees for 20 minutes.  Turn chicken pieces over halfway through.

Increase oven to broil or high.  Cook for another 15 minutes until chicken is crispy and dark golden on top.

Meanwhile, in a small saucepan mix ½ cup of water with reserved marinade.  On medium heat, reduce by half to form saucy syrup.

Remove chicken and place on patter.  Drizzle sauce over chicken and garnish with blackberries or fresh apricot wedges.

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    Great! Let me know how it goes. I'll be forever working on my to do list of 10000 recipes, among other things...

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