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The Day I Learned the Meaning of TBI

On September 27, 1987 I was getting ready for bed in my usual very late fashion: 1 AM.  In those days the idea of 24 hour contact with the world outside of your home was unheard of.  Because I was beginning my annual furlough from the Chicago Police Department I had no desire to be... Read more »

Explaining a Bit More About Naltrexone

I have received a few responses about Naltrexone and will try to answer the questions asked.  This will probably take more than a single post so bear with me.  The most common question is: “What did Naltrexone do for your son?”  My usual verbal response is, “Billy went from a wheelchair to driving a car... Read more »

The Traumatic Brain Injury of My Son

Several people, to my surprise, asked me to reactivate my blog. Several wanted to read more stories of the ‘olden days’ in the mid 20th century. Most recently, I have been asked to further explain the medication my son is on at present and explain my own actions and philosophy on TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).... Read more »