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Hearsay Evidence

I wrote the following to explain ‘‘Hearsay” evidence such as what was used in the case against Drew Petersen.  This was written for Gerasimos, my deaf neighbor who writes questions for me to answer.  He had written to me that if ‘‘Hearsay” evidence could be used against Drew Petersen, then if the neighbors hated him... Read more »

Some Convictions Are Based on Questionable Evidence

There have been many kinds of evidence over the years that have been used to convict individuals accused of a crime.  Back in the 19th century, phrenology was a type of study that claimed to be able to understand an individual’s psychological makeup on the basis of the shape of their skull.  The brain supposedly... Read more »

Even Sherlock Holmes would have been impressed!

Ever since the days of Sherlock Holmes, criminal investigators have believed that in every crime the perpetrator leaves something of his/her self at the crime scene and takes something with him/her from the crime scene.  The problem was how to get the information from the crime scene to convict a criminal.  Sherlock Holmes believed in fingerprints... Read more »

Habeas Corpus - Another “Body” from Latin and Law

There’s another ‘body’ that people vaguely hear on the news and few people ever really figure it out.  Unlike the ‘Corpus Delecti’ I wrote about last week, this is a real body.  This is the specific body that the United States Constitution refers to in Article 1, Section 9, and Clause 2. The actual wording in... Read more »

Corpus Delicti

I have an elderly friend who is constantly asking me questions about this or that legal case he finds in the newspaper.  Because Gerasimos has a severe hearing problem and refuses to use a hearing aid I end up answering his questions in writing.  Obviously this will be very helpful with this blog.   Entire posts... Read more »

Where’s the Motive?

I am not a lawyer and I am not giving legal advice.  But I have a very dear friend, Jack, who had been harassed and threatened by a specific family member, Penelope.  Jack filed police report after police report and nothing seemed to be happening.    Finally, he complained to me that the police should know... Read more »