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All Points Bulletin! Car Stolen on Route 2!

Through a convoluted set of circumstances I wouldn’t be employed for awhile although I had been a police officer in Chicago for about a year.  My husband, Lenny, was burned out on being a cop for 18 years so we bought a bar/restaurant near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Our business was on Route 2... Read more »

Where’s the merchandise he stole?

It was a rather common police call: ‘shoplifter being held in store office by security’.  I went to the liquor store and the manager greeted us at the entrance.  It was a cold and snowy holiday season and both of us wanted to get into the warmth of the store.  I knew Clark, the manager,... Read more »

If I Could Choose to be Born Blind or Deaf…

This is based on something I heard just after my daughter was diagnosed with a major hearing loss: If I could choose to be born blind or deaf, I’d choose to be born blind. If I could choose to lose my sight or hearing when I was 12 years old, I’d choose to lose my... Read more »

Dear Chicago Tribune,

I am asking where you have hidden a specific word: ‘pled’.   It’s a short little word and is really quite harmless.   It seems as if you have hidden it somewhere in hopes that no one will find it.  Perhaps you think that no one will miss the little guy.  If so, you are mistaken.  Among... Read more »

Let me digress…

About a month ago I noticed that I tended to walk into walls.  The problem is that when I walked into these walls I hadn’t even had a drink – bummer. I know that much of our balance is located in the inner ear labyrinth so I trotted off to our ENT doctor hoping he... Read more »

Miss on you…

I want to apologize to all that were waiting for yesterday’s blog…No glitch this time.  Call it a brain freeze.  I, for the life of me, couldn’t think of a digression as per my ‘schedule’.  I finally realized that I don’t need to write 5 pages of stuff so here’s my digression for Friday –... Read more »