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Did you know that a 4-year-old could buy beer…

in the 1940’s?  I’m sure there were laws against such things but it was a different time then.  Daddy would give me a few coins in my hand and tell me to go get a pail of draft beer, “Joe knows what I want.”  Then Daddy would solemnly hand me the clean bucket.  It had... Read more »

Onward to Cook County Hospital…

My Dad and Mom drove me home from the farm in McHenry County.  It was a long ride back in 1940.  Even now with the expressways it takes over an hour from that area to Chicago but in those days it must have been almost interminable.  In farm country, all the roads were either simple... Read more »

Love of Gargantuan Proportions…

I can’t really progress telling the tale of my own fairly unusual life until I explain the two people who totally changed their lives to ensure that my life would turn out well.  This is, for me and most other adopted children, the most amazing thing about the human race…that someone will completely alter their... Read more »

A Family Decision

While I was a bit young to remember all the things that happened around the time that my mother Mary Krause died, I’ve had several sources tell me the basics of that traumatic time. My mother Mary had chosen her sister Elizabeth to be my godmother, which in those days meant taking on a lot... Read more »

Aunt Elsie and Uncle Paul

I was a mere infant at the time my story begins so I sorta have to accept these accounts as true… Hope and the need for love are an inseparable part of the human psyche.  It was at the beginning of the Great Depression when two sisters and two brothers met and married.  The brothers... Read more »

How I Came To Be Me

This is my first blog post. I am so excited to be sharing stories from my life with all of you I hardly know where to begin. Like any new friendship, you should understand a little of how I came to be me. I will start by saying that in the mid-‘60s, I realized that... Read more »