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Ultimate Reason for Low Human Male Survival Rates…?

I have been asked why I am belaboring the issue of human male longevity.  Here’s why: I want to know why human females live longer than males!  Let’s face it; human females aren’t stronger in the physical size or sense.  Put next to the human males; the average human female is smaller, shorter and weaker!... Read more »

Why Are More Human Males Conceived?

Something I’ve always found a bit weird is the way nature treats human males. Women tend to have a lower mortality rate at every age.  Beginning in the womb, male fetuses have a higher mortality rate. Depending on the area of the world and the medical care, there’s a male to female conception ratio estimated... Read more »

Why do Women Live Longer than Men?

The average human female outlives the average human male by at least 4 years.  What started this line of thought was in the Tribune on 9/17/2012. I cut out the article because it fascinated me that there was proof that another species has females living longer than males, even after the childbearing years have passed.... Read more »

How I Fell in Love with Early Man

The book I remember so fondly is almost as tangible as when I read it over and over and over.  It was a small hardcover; well-worn by the time I was allowed to put it on my little bookshelf as my very own book.  It had yellowish-tan paper pasted over the very thick cardboard that... Read more »