Let me digress…

About a month ago I noticed that I tended to walk into walls.  The problem is that when I walked into these walls I hadn’t even had a drink – bummer.

I know that much of our balance is located in the inner ear labyrinth so I trotted off to our ENT doctor hoping he could figure out what was going on.  I had the usual audiology tests done after which the audiologist told me that I had ‘head tremors’.  I…What?  Head Tremors?  Is that why I was walking into walls?  Well, long story short…I had a bunch of tests and the results were that I didn’t have major problems and if I felt like I was going to walk into walls, I should slow down so my labyrinth has time to tell the brain where I was going, etc.

Yeah, but what about the tremors?  Oh, don’t worry; it’s probably just a sign of age.  Gee, thanks…well, I tried to get
more information from WebMD http://www.webmd.com/

Between WebMD and my doctor I managed to get some information that I’d like to share with you:

1)    The tremors have no bearing on my other problems

2)    I’ve apparently had these tremors for several years but no one bothered to tell me because they thought I knew about the tremors and they were just a part of me

3)    Since there’s no other problems with or because of the tremors they often show up when a person is concentrating or focusing very had on something.  The people who noticed the tremors said they only showed up at certain times – like when I was busy or concentrating working on my fish pond.  WebMD suggests that if the tremors bother a person in a social setting,
having an alcoholic drink may help you calm down and eliminate the tremors.  That’s advice I’ll take even if I’m not in a ‘social setting’.  I’ve always believed that an alcoholic drink is good for many things.

4)    Lastly, the name of my tremors is ‘Essential Tremors’.  They certainly are not ‘essential’ for me!

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