Miss on you…

I want to apologize to all that were waiting for yesterday's blog...No glitch this time.  Call it a brain freeze.  I, for the life of me, couldn't think of a digression as per my 'schedule'.  I finally realized that I don't need to write 5 pages of stuff so here's my digression for Friday -

It’s a summer’s day and a couple of boys about 9 or 10 years old were playing in an alley, using a bottomless milk crate as a basketball hoop.  Some old person called the cops and told them to make the kids stop yelling.  Sure, like kids don’t need to yell and play and have fun on a summer’s day.  But, dutifully the cops went to the alley and saw two youngsters bouncing the ball.

However, the kids saw the cops first and began to run!  The cops instinctively began to chase them and just as they were nearing the boys, both yelled at the same time, “Miss on you pistor, you ain’t so mucking fuch!” before darting into a tiny yard and

The cops looked at one another and began to scratch their heads, “I don’t think they swore at us.  Or did they?”

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