Rookies to the rescue!

I read a most heartening piece in this morning’s Chicago Tribune.  Apparently the Chicago Police Department is using the newest officers to patrol the areas of high crime.  You can find that story at: It’s about time that someone woke up and realized that police recruits are the most underutilized element of the Chicago... Read more »

A baby can easily get lost, even at home...

This is one of those tales that end up being a family fable.  The kind of a story that starts out as something that happened within the family and ends up with near myth-like endurance as the tale winds down through a multitude of years and tellers.  Of course, when such is tale is really... Read more »

Did you know that a 4-year-old could buy beer…

in the 1940’s?  I’m sure there were laws against such things but it was a different time then.  Daddy would give me a few coins in my hand and tell me to go get a pail of draft beer, “Joe knows what I want.”  Then Daddy would solemnly hand me the clean bucket.  It had... Read more »

Hearsay Evidence

I wrote the following to explain ‘‘Hearsay” evidence such as what was used in the case against Drew Petersen.  This was written for Gerasimos, my deaf neighbor who writes questions for me to answer.  He had written to me that if ‘‘Hearsay” evidence could be used against Drew Petersen, then if the neighbors hated him... Read more »

Mrs. Lu’s Caddie

Jake and I were experiencing a winter day unlike what we’ve seen here lately in Chicago.  It started out as rain the night before.  It had turned into snow by early morning as the temperature dropped to almost zero.  The snow stopped around noon and I began to get ready for the Third Watch (4... Read more »

All Points Bulletin! Car Stolen on Route 2!

Through a convoluted set of circumstances I wouldn’t be employed for awhile although I had been a police officer in Chicago for about a year.  My husband, Lenny, was burned out on being a cop for 18 years so we bought a bar/restaurant near the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Our business was on Route 2... Read more »

Some Convictions Are Based on Questionable Evidence

There have been many kinds of evidence over the years that have been used to convict individuals accused of a crime.  Back in the 19th century, phrenology was a type of study that claimed to be able to understand an individual’s psychological makeup on the basis of the shape of their skull.  The brain supposedly... Read more »

Where’s the merchandise he stole?

It was a rather common police call: ‘shoplifter being held in store office by security’.  I went to the liquor store and the manager greeted us at the entrance.  It was a cold and snowy holiday season and both of us wanted to get into the warmth of the store.  I knew Clark, the manager,... Read more »

Santa Isn’t Real, Is He?

Wally had long since given up believing in Santa.  That illusion was destroyed when his big sister found the thank you note from Santa and reasoned out that it was my printing.  She made sure her younger brothers learned the truth – immediately!!   The trio was probably 5, 6 and 7 at the time although it... Read more »

Even Sherlock Holmes would have been impressed!

Ever since the days of Sherlock Holmes, criminal investigators have believed that in every crime the perpetrator leaves something of his/her self at the crime scene and takes something with him/her from the crime scene.  The problem was how to get the information from the crime scene to convict a criminal.  Sherlock Holmes believed in fingerprints... Read more »