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Rise of the infographics

<a href="">Coffee Place Geography</a>. What coffee house does your state like best?
We’ve entered the age of the infographic. Visual representations of data aren’t new, but as the Visual Web has evolved, infographics – short for information graphics and interchangeable with the slightly more clumsy edugraphics – have gained new appeal. They’re the graphic equivalent of a tweet or a Vine, offering quick, succinct content that’s easy to... Read more »

5 blog posts that showcased art, imagination in 2013

The blogosphere was good to us this year. From Tumblr to Medium and all the platforms in between came some immensely imaginative posts: artistic concepts and ideas that thrilled and inspired as they made their way across the Web. As the year draws to a close, let’s take a minute to revisit  – and to... Read more »