Visualizing the Web

Ask around and you'll find that the World Wide Web encompasses 1.8 billion pages. Or is it a trillion? There are, some say, a billion sites online. There could be less. The count might have been 759 million in 2013. Now? That's anyone's guess.

To say that the size of the Web is hard to nail down is like saying that counting the organisms in the Atlantic poses a bit of a challenge. The Web is a living thing, in a constant state of flux, and that makes it an ongoing mystery. We know it's huge, and we know it's growing. But do we really know more than that?

For those eager to get a better sense of what's going on online, there are number of images designed to help. Take a look at these visualizations and bask in the wonder that is the World Wide Web.

This might be the best picture of it we'll get.

The Evolution of the Web. If all the data that made up the Web in 2009 was burned to DVDs and lined up side by side, the discs would reach from the earth to the moon.


The Internet in Real-Time. Just how much data is generated online? Enough to blow your mind.

Click image to open interactive version (via Penny Stocks Lab).

The Impact of Storage in 60 Seconds. More than 695,000 status updates on Facebook, 168 million emails sent, 100+ new LinkedIn Accounts created...all in a single online minute.


Worldwide Internet users. Who's using the Web around the world? America is tops, but China and Japan aren't far behind.


Map of the Internet. If the Web was our world (as if it isn't already), it would look like this.


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