Relive 90s pop culture with Cache Monet

Relive 90s pop culture with Cache Monet

Whether you experienced the '90s as a kid or a teen, you probably can't look back on the decade's culture without getting a bit sentimental. It's the era that brought us full-length CGI movies, Jurassic Park, and the World Wide Web. U2Friends, Sonic the Hedgehog, and slap bracelets were everywhere. Countless movie franchises, toys, and fashion trends were so beloved that even when we rolled into the year 2000 without Y2K chaos, they never really went away.

Just look online. Sites like Retro Junk let you read about '90s movies and TV shows, and revisit the TV commercials we knew so well. Nickelodeon offers clips of its most popular '90s shows, many of which still air on Nick Teen by way of the series 90s Are All That. Head over to Twitter for Creek Quotes, "the original and best Dawson's Creek quotes twitter." On Tumblr you'll find Those Were the '90s!,  featuring photos and animated GIFs of everything from TV shows to music videos. There's even a section called Literature of the 90s that's sure to bring back memories of Scholastic book clubs.

Now, a new site with a '90s connection is generating buzz online. Developed by New York-based Interactive Creative Director Tim NolanCache Monet uses music and animated GIFs of images, tech objects, and corporate and brand logos to create a mesmerizing looped experience. According to Nolan, the project reminds him "of the time during the late 1990s when the web was experimental and fun to explore." Presented as digital art, it's garnering attention from viewers, social networks, and art collectors alike. You can watch a clip below, but it's far better viewed on the site itself.

What's most interesting about digital media projects inspired by an era is their seemingly universal ability to capture the atmosphere of the times. The decade may be long gone, but '90s culture is far from forgotten.

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