Got a few minutes? Get your long-form content fix online

Got a few minutes? Get your long-form content fix online

In many ways, the Internet is about speed. You can get your news far faster than you would on TV. Information comes in 140-character bites, or pithy Facebook posts. Even online videos are getting shorter, as Vine and Instagram Video put seconds-long limits on clips.

But the Web can be a source of long-form content, too: smart, well-written articles and essays published by journals and online magazines. This model provides writers with a lot more storytelling flexibility, and readers with more engaging, immersive experiences. As busy as we all are, it's worth seeking out these high-caliber stories and spending a few extra minutes to get a deeper, fuller read. Here's where to look.

Search #longreads on Twitter for great longer content

Search #longreads on Twitter for great longer content


Use Twitter's search tool and the #longreads hashtag to seek out long-form stories. Many publishers are now posting estimated read times alongside their long-form content, in recognition of readers' busy schedules.

A curator of quality long stories, Longreads posts links to new articles on its site daily (you can get them pushed to you through Twitter, too). Each link comes with a brief summary of the story, so you can gauge your interest before you dive in. You can use the site free of charge, but Longreads also offers an optional membership program in which consumers pay $3 per month to access new features and support the growing service.

A great source of original long-form content, Medium's writers cover everything from life to work and pop culture trends with articles like Breakfast: A ManifestoHow to Be Successful, and Batman And Superman Must Kiss In the New Movie. Posts vary from 2 minutes in length to close to 20, and Medium lets you know up front how much time each one is likely to take.

Some of the best writing on the Web takes the form of long reads. They might require a few more minutes of your time, but you're sure to come away satisfied.

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