Whether day-tripping or jet-setting, Mosey over to this new travel site

Whether day-tripping or jet-setting, Mosey over to this new travel site

We're all well-acquainted with custom, curated content on the Web. We get it from Pandora, which selects songs for us based on our musical tastes. We even get it through Facebook ads, which are shown to us based on the interests we express in our profiles.

Now, a new digital service is offering to curate our travel content to help us plan vacations, day trips, even an afternoon in our current city. In other words, Mosey wants to help us "make epic plans."

Mosey taps into the collective travel experience by allowing people to post their favorite "mini-adventures." On a beautiful day in Chicago you might consider "A Wicker Park Walk," which includes a trip to Myopic Books bookstore, donuts at Glazed and Confused, and a rest beside Wicker Park Fountain.

A Wicker Park Walk

A Wicker Park Walk

For an upcoming trip to London I managed to dig up a post called "Eat & Shop in the 'Other Soho'" comprised of must-see shops and sights in the city's West End. Each itinerary or walking tour links directly link to Google Maps so that you can get your bearings, and because the content is all user-generated everything has an authentic, inside-scoop feel. Mosey can be used online or through your Apple or Android device, but as it's browser-based there's nothing to download or install: just sign up for a free account and start exploring.

The idea with Mosey is to uncover the hidden gems and travel stories that you likely won't find in a mass market travel guide, but it has a social media component, too. You can search by profile to find people whose "Moseys" you'd like to follow, and see their favorite places and trips (every post is tied to the user who shared it). Mosey is stylish and easy to use, with photos and type laid out on a clean, white background. If you thought of Mosey as a travel-oriented Pinterest, you wouldn't be so far off.

As the site is still new it hasn't yet gained a critical mass of users, but there are already some great trips at the ready and waiting for new experiences to be added to the list. If you have an idea for the perfect Sunday morning in downtown Wheaton, or recently spent an incredible day in San Francisco, why not share it on Mosey? You might find your next adventure in the process.

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