Brewers use Braun to beat Cubs, White Sox win behind Giolito


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That Eloy Jimenez and Dylan Cease to the White Sox for Jose Quintana is going to look really bad as the years roll on.  Quintana took the hill against the Brewers Tuesday afternoon and promptly gave up a home run to leadoff hitter, Lorenzo Cain.  Quintana also gave up two two-run homers to Ryan Braun.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  Having Ryan Braun hurt your team is like having the bad guy wrestler come up behind the good guy wrestler and hit him over the head with a folding chair.  Boo!

Didn't he used to be a two?

The final was Brewers 7-0 over the Cubs.  The loss left Quintana with a record of 10-9 with an ERA of 4.46.  That’s not nearly good enough considering what the Cubs gave up for him.  Quintana was considered by some as a number two starter when he was with the White Sox.  He looks like a four or maybe even a five at this point.  Of course, when you get three hits and no runs as the Cubs did, Quintana’s performance really doesn’t matter much.

Who can stop David Bote?  Joe Maddon.

After hitting one of the most dramatic home runs in Cubs regular season history Sunday night, David Bote didn’t see in action Tuesday.  It seems the only guy who can stop David Bote is Joe Maddon.

Guess who the White Sox win leader is

The White Sox rang up a 6-3 win over the Tigers.  Lucas Giolito went six innings and gave up three runs, all in the first inning.  There were some more promising signs in Giolito’s performance.  Giolito threw 99 pitches, 73 of them for strikes.  He also struck out seven while walking only one.  The win upped Giolito’s record to 8-9.

And here's a bullpen piece

Jace Fry pitched the seventh and eighth innings, striking out four while allowing no hits or walks.  Fry will be a useful piece when the Sox are good.  Xavier Cedeno closed thing out to pick up the save, his first.

A learning experience for Yoan Moncada

Jose Abreu and Kevan Smith each had two RBIs for the Sox.  Yoan Moncada underwent a root canal Tuesday.  Now he knows what Sox fans feel like when he takes yet another called third strike.

Roquan goes to camp

The Bears have finally come to an agreement with first round pick, Roquan Smith.  Now that the contract haggling is over, Bears fans can look forward to seeing if Smith can take the Bears defense to the next level.

Bulls can't get there from here

The over/under for NBA teams projected wins is in.  The Bulls number is 28.5. To give you an idea of how low the Bulls number is, the Knicks over/under is 29.5. I think the Bulls will win more games than the Knicks next season and find themselves nicely entrenched in NBA Purgatory.  John Paxson can take an NBA team from bad to decent, but he has shown no capacity to get a decent team over the top.

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