Fertility Supplements – Heroes or Villains?

We all want to be our healthiest selves, and we often get advice from friends, family, blogs (touché), and “Dr. Google.” Supplements are big business in the United States, accounting for millions of dollars in sales each year. Many patients who are trying to get pregnant want to use natural supplements instead of prescriptions or... Read more »

HBO’s True Detective Confronts Real-Life Fertility Issues

Are you watching season two of HBO’s thriller series True Detective? Reviews said the show was “not as good” as last season but I’m not sure – it definitely kept my interest and was very intense.   Below are a few minor spoilers, but they don’t play into the main storyline. There’s your warning. What does... Read more »

East Joins West: Guest Blog Discussing Holistic Benefits for Fertility

I received a lot of comments and feedback about my blog post Yoga, Acupuncture & Infertility: Downward Dog Won’t Get You Pregnant, But You Will Feel Better. Wow! Thank you for the feedback and thank you for tuning in and following the blog. I encourage you to read the comments from that post because they... Read more »

Miscarriage, the Silent Heartbreak – Thank You Mark Zuckerberg

It’s like this secret club that most of us don’t want to be members of – the “I’ve had a miscarriage” club. It is something that most of us who have lost a pregnancy don’t talk about. We are heartbroken. We blame ourselves. We are sad and embarrassed and ashamed. We don’t want to be... Read more »

Understanding Your Fertility Health: What You Need to Know Before Trying for a Baby

When you are ready for a family, will you be able to get pregnant? If you haven’t completed your family yet, this question should be on your radar. When we’re young, we are counseled on how to avoid pregnancy. Many of us spend years on birth control pills, using condoms, or both trying to avoid... Read more »

Yoga, Acupuncture & Infertility: Downward Dog Won’t Get You Pregnant, But You Will Feel Better

Many blogs, mom-spots, and pregnancy websites hail yoga and acupuncture as fertility treatments.  While yoga and acupuncture are great additions to traditional fertility treatment, unfortunately they don’t increase your chances of getting pregnant. But they can decrease your levels of stress, which can help your success during treatment. Don’t get me wrong – I am... Read more »

Eggs by the Dozen? Understanding Ovarian Reserve

We discuss eggs a lot in the fertility circles. Ovarian reserve, egg quality, and egg quantity are terms we often use. What are we talking about?  Here are some commonly asked questions about ovarian reserve: What is ovarian reserve? Women are born with all of the eggs they are ever going to have, and lose... Read more »

Having a Baby Using Donor Egg

It’s hard to imagine using someone else’s eggs to have a baby. We all want a child who looks familiar, and carries on our family traits. But some women lose eggs prematurely, which is called premature ovarian insufficiency or failure. Age is also a big factor with ovarian health. As we women age, both the... Read more »

Hoping to Become a Father? Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

I see couples with many different types of situations. Some of these situations can be embarrassing for patients to talk about, and can even cause relationship issues with their partner. Often patients feel blame or resentment. One of these issues is erectile dysfunction.  We all know about the little blue pill and the commercial with... Read more »

Beat Infertility Podcast: An Amazing New Resource for Dealing with Infertility

When Heather Huhman went looking for an online resource for support while she has been struggling with infertility and pregnancy loss, she didn’t find what she was looking for.  After going through so much, she decided to embrace her continued infertility journey and provide support to others in the fertility community. On the Beat Infertility... Read more »