What's all the hype about testing your eggs?

There is so much in the news right now about the newer technology of egg freezing and women choosing to freeze their eggs.  As a result, this has put the spotlight on fertility testing and evaluation.  How do you know if your eggs are healthy and if you should be worried?  We spend so much of our lives trying not to get pregnant, that we want to make sure that there will be healthy eggs when we are ready.

Premature ovarian failure or insufficiency happens to roughly 1% of women. If you haven’t had the family that you want, checking your egg health is a great way to see if you should hurry up at try to get pregnant, or consider egg freezing.  The testing isn’t perfect. But it can give us an idea if you have a problem.  You can learn all of the details on ovarian reserve testing in a previous blog.

What the testing can tell you:

1.     If there are a normal number of eggs.

2.     Information to guide whether you need treatment and how aggressive you should be.

What it can’t tell you:

1.     If you are going to go through menopause early. Even women with low egg values can go through menopause at a normal time.

2.     The quality of your eggs. Egg quality declines as we age, and in our mid 30’s declines very rapidly. Everyone in their mid-30’s and beyond has some egg quality issues.

3.     If freezing your eggs will help you be successful in having a baby from those eggs.  We can use numbers and age to predict chances of success, but there is never a guarantee.

4.     If you will be successful if you go through treatment now. I have had patients with very bad numbers go on to have successful pregnancies.

What if it is too late or I decide I don’t want to freeze eggs?

If you are ready to have a family and are unsuccessful with your own eggs, you always have the option of using donor eggs. If you’d like to learn more about donor eggs, read an earlier blog.

Is egg freezing or fertility treatments worth going through if your numbers are low?

It is always important to talk with your doctor, but low numbers are usually an even better reason to move forward with having a family or freezing your eggs.  It may require more than one cycle to collect the eggs necessary to boost your chances of success, but yes, having control over your future fertility is totally worth it!

If you’re curious about fertility testing, you can always do a Fertility Awareness Checkup for the same price as a night on the town. And if you decide to move forward with treatment, that fee is applied.

Want to learn more about freezing your eggs?

Join us December 1st (tomorrow!) for a Ladies Night Out event (Flight Neighborhood Bar, Restaurant & Market, 1820 Tower Drive, Glenview), which will include complimentary cocktails, appetizers, and conversation. Everyone who attends receives a certificate for a free egg-freezing consultation, and we will do a Q & A session to be sure all questions are answered.

Be empowered by the information and you can make the right decision for you!

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