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"Greenery" Pantone's Color for 2017!

"Greenery"  Pantone's Color for 2017!
“Greenery” is Pantone’s color for 2017!  Each year Pantone chooses a (random?) color for Interiors, Fashion, and Graphic Design and this bright green shade is “IT” for next year.  I think it was selected to move away from the gray tones that have been rather dominant for interiors for a while, partly because no one’s... Read more »

2016's "Color of the Year" Is -- Or Are

2016's  "Color of the Year" Is -- Or Are
Yay! It’s here for the New Year!! For the first time ever, Pantone has declared 2 colors — plural – for 2016. Pinky “Rose Quartz” looks just like it sounds, and “Serenity” is light blue with a bit of lavender and gray. It’s a huge change from the colors that I have written about in... Read more »

Is Your House Falling Apart?

Is Your House Falling Apart?
Is your house falling apart?  Actually, I mean:  “Is what’s inside your house falling apart?”  Roof and gutters are not included here.  You may not remember how old your furniture, carpet, blinds, paint job and other products are.  Unless you just furnished your place, can relate the purchases to an event or did it all... Read more »

My Place Looks So Dated -- Tired, Old....!!

Today’s inspirations!   1. I found a spot for the new piece that I bought at Art Expo/NEXT a couple of weeks ago.  For that, I moved things around a bit.  One thing or another may have to be given away or go to the attic for now.  I love the freshness that these little changes... Read more »