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What's Wrong With This - (Old) Trend?

A blog topic to love:  Dated Interior Design Trends – OR how to use a trend Ineffectively.   I guess I will have write and focus on trends that endure or return:  like Lucite (acrylic) from the 1920’s, then to 1970’s and 80’s and back again now. With DEEP respect of James Swan and “101 Things I hate About Your House”... Read more »

Blizzard-ed In? Check out Interior activities!

Stranded?  Nesting?  Can’t get anywhere, so let’s ponder “interior space”!    After you read War and Peace (or “In Touch Weekly”) and watch some of the Oscar nominees on cable for the next couple of days, here are a few ideas – First a manageable project for big visual results and a great feeling of accomplishment:Clear... Read more »