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Help: When You Can't Do This Design Project By Yourself

Help:  When You Can't Do This Design Project By Yourself
Reload!  This is important if you are entering the world of  Interior Design Projects, so yes, I am re-posting! OK… You know you can’t properly do this design project alone.  You kind of know what you will need, so what are your options? Referrals are best… and hopefully from personal experience. If you are looking... Read more »

Get Design Problems Fixed With "Honey & Vinegar"

Get Design Problems Fixed With "Honey & Vinegar"
A client once  said to me (famously–because I paraphrase it so often):  “I don’t really expect everything to be perfect the first time.   I just want the person who’s responsible to come back and take care of it till it’s right.”  The expression is: “you attract more flies with honey than vinegar”,  but I... Read more »

D. I. Whine (ing)

 D. I.  Whine (ing)
SURE, you can Do It Yourself!  I am not sure why you want to, but if you like, you can.  You might also make a mess and/or spend good money to end up with less than good choices in your design and decorating.  Since I’m a serious Design Professional I’m (of course) more opinionated (and... Read more »

My Furniture (Tile, Cabinetry...) Is Taking SO Long!

Before the collapse of 2008, furniture took 10-14 weeks to complete.  Now it takes about 12 weeks to have something made.  Um…..whassup with that? No one is being lazy and no one is “sitting” on your deposits and not working.  It’s not that complicated.  In 2005, it took 14 weeks to do custom work–sometimes even... Read more »

Orange & Blue -- Vintage-y Interior Design for Da Bears Fans

  Nah!!!  I did not design this room completed c. 1970…that’s “before my time”…There are a few new urgent updates including improved recessed lights, new sheers, throw pillows and built-in flat screen, but the rest is all of 30 years old. (My real work on this house to be shown sometime later — and it’s upstairs).  ... Read more »

Furniture Shopping: In Person!

This is purposely in time for the weekend, though this weekend in Chicago, it might be too nice to be in stores…But start thinking – if you want this for Turkey Day, remember it can take 16 weeks for deliveries! And summer is time for furniture sales.   As promised, another part of my “series”! ... Read more »