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Dwell on Design (Pt 2): the Photos!

What a wonderful array of products for construction, landscaping, furnishing, accessorizing and playing. Enjoy the show through my pictures and I will figure out what to do with the box of tear sheets (photos and specs — in Designer lingo), brochures, postcards and other wonderful information.  How else will I remember all (or many of) the... Read more »

My Visit to "Dwell on Design" in Los Angeles ( pt. 1)

“Dwell on Design” opened in LA this weekend and it was a truly great show.  Its huge “umbrella” includes a creative & diverse selection of “Dwell on Design” materiale.  Conventions can be overflowing, but this was just busy enough in number of exhibitors, just diverse enough in categories of exhibitors, and not too complicated to be overly stimulating in a half... Read more »