On Furry Family Members

On Furry Family Members

Oh.h.h.h this has been a long 2 weeks. Fuzz, our 7 1/2-year-old husky has been very sick. Two weeks ago today, he could hardly breathe and after 2 days of watching and testing him at 2 different animal hospitals, they diagnosed that he was in heart failure. His prognosis was that we would be coming back to the hospital with him in 48 to 72 hours, and it’s been more than 5 times longer than that today…and we are still at home.  He is taking Plavix, and it seems to be working.  We all (including his canine sister, Cosette--who is named after the orphan in "Les Miserables") are hoping Fuzzy will stay happy and healthy for as long as is canine-ly (not “humanly”, get it?) possible.

I cannot imagine not having a dog in my life!  Since I was 9 years old my and doctor/mom was offered a puppy by a patient, there has almost always been a pet in my life. When we were finally living in a house—not an apartment, Frisky joined our family. I have photos of myself hugging him and playing with him from then till my senior year in high school. I don’t remember how he died, except that I did knew he was sick.

Dogs, and so many other pet species, become part of our families. When we are lonely, they offer genuine and predictable affection. Their loyalty is understood by most humans and when we are kind to them, learning that we are loyal, too, they are not only affectionate but become protective, too.

Children probably take it granted if they have pets, and perhaps adults do as well. But I am so appreciative and NEED to share that love. Over time, my family members and I have probably adopted so many different pets that had been left at shelters. Yes, I am addicted to my dogs.

And it's my second doggy post, too.




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