Sweet & Furry "Good-Byes"

Sweet & Furry "Good-Byes"

Saying “good-bye”?  Hmmm:  it happens all the time.  Every day, we say “bye” on a phone call or after a meeting or encounter that’s planned or unexpected.  Once in a while, we actually say “Good bye” when we leave someone or somewhere we’d rather not be connected to, but the ones I remember most, and treasure most, are the times I had to say “good-bye” to my pups.

Yes, it might be a bit sappy, but too f’ing bad!  My first such good-bye, I was in high school and Frisky had been at my side for 8 or 9 years from grade school through my senior year.  He had shared 3 residences with my family including the years of my parents’ divorce and resettling.  Losing him was losing a connection to my much younger – and much more innocent – years.  Soon after that, I moved out to college and then my own homes.

Just about exactly on our first anniversary, my husband and I adopted Lola.  She moved with us 3 times till we had a house with a yard big enough to install an Invisible Fence.  And, she would Never have run away anyway!  In our City years we used to cross under the Outer Drive at Belmont with her off leash!  Our children knew her as their first pet and she was the sweetest…and our first adoptee from a shelter.  When we said our “good-byes” to her, she was 16.  It was the first real loss our children experienced.  Rex followed quite immediately and when we moved to a bigger house, his BFF (Ashes) came into our family as his buddy.

Nothing has been as sad as saying “good-bye” to a loving pet.  Saying they are “just pets” just doesn’t work!  They are so loyal and we, even as children, watch their lifecycle because it’s so much shorter than ours.  As the kids became adults, the pairs of pooches evolved.  We were so lucky to bring in my mom’s awesome Zoe when she died and named our next adoptee after my grandfather Gus because we adopted him just after returning from Romania and seeing my dad’s childhood home (101 years after his birth -- and no, he was not with us).

Each and every “good-bye” has been at different times and these amazing companions came to us and left us in his or her own way when we often were at new stages in our own lives.  As pairs, the two have sometimes become so dependent on each other, which is why having just one seems unfair now!

Letting them go has somehow always been peaceful (so fortunately) and, indeed, centering.  It’s a lesson in appreciating unconditional love, the richness of life and sharing.



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